How everything started…

I also want to write down my thoughts about traveling, new experiences, new recipes etc in  English, just to make sure that my english speaking audience is also able to follow. 

Currently, I am studying “translating, interpreting and foreign language correspondence” for the english and spanish speaking language at a private university/institute – next year in February or March I will hopefully finalize it with the exams. As especially the english language is very important to me and this blog could help me improve my skills further, I’m sometimes going to write a blog in English. 

Well, to cut a long story short – this is a blog about traveling and my experiences with it. 

Actually, I always asked myself if it is really possible to be addicted of something so strong, that you can’t live without it – and it is possible – traveling and tasty food are one of my necessities of life. For me it is not imaginable to live a life without traveling, tasting new meals, making photos of beautiful sites, having fun, sightseeing etc. !

When I was a child I always had the dream to spot new countries and places – and this burning desire grew and grew over the past years and did not stop. 

Thanks to my beautiful parents and my lovely sister I always had the chance to live that dream and we visited a bunch of different countries within the last years. Here are few of it: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Turkey, England, Sweden, the Netherland, Denmark and last but not least the United States. 

As I already mentioned I love speaking languages, especially the english one and it actually  cannot be any other way – I LOVE THE USA & CANADA!!!  (for this reason you will often read and hear something about these two countries)

Enough already – have fun while reading and leave me any comments if you want to or if you have any suggestions for improvement 🙂 

Keep in touch,